Posted on Aug 31, 2017
Rotary's Neil Harding (right) has been leading the charge to get AED devices installed all over Waiheke.
An AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a life saving device used to restart the heart after a sudden cardiac arrest. 
Around 40 people each week are treated for sudden cardiac arrest in New Zealand, and the chances of survival diminish by 10% for each minute it takes for help to arrive, so in the event of an emergency, it is important that an AED is close by and available 24/7.
Neil has arranged for big bright yellow lock boxes to be placed in prominent positions all over the island, and to ensure that the units are maintained - inspected, batteries charged and pads changed.
In the event of an emergency, call 111. They will give you the location of the AED box nearest to you, and the lock code that you will need to open it.
You can also download the "AED Locations" app from the app store (Apple and Android) to see the location of all of the AED devices in New Zealand.
The AED devices chosen by Neil are not difficult to use, in fact they speak to you and tell you what to do - so there is no fumbling with a manual while someone is dying in front of you!
In addition, Rotary Waiheke are planning free training sessions, so that more locals are confident in their use.
Neil's project is focused on ensuring that AED devices are available outside of the main villages on Waiheke, and available 24/7. Eventually Neil plans to have dozens of devices available in prominent outdoor locations so that wherever you are, you are never far from help. So far we have commitments from local businesses and individuals to purchase 20 of the machines and make them available to the public.
Please contact the Waiheke Rotary club if you would like to help with this project.
* Pictured are Nick Thorpe from the Defibrillator Store (left) and Neil Harding from Waiheke Rotary (right) at the 308 Seaview Road site.